Week 20- The Compounding Effect

I sit here blogging during week 20. We’ve been told that there’s a compounding effect during the MKMMA class and it has been spot on. The progression requires me to keep persistent each and every week. The challenges have been drifting and procrastination. These are killers yet keep knocking on my door.It’s easy to drift back to the old blueprint and continue to except different results without making the necessary changes. Keeping my eye on the prize and chipping the cement away to get to the Golden Buddah. It’s easy to procrastinate and experience pain doing the same thing over and over expecting different results while repeating the same behavior. It reminds me when I worked in the mortgage industry and we would refinance a home for our customer. For example; they would consolidate debt,get a better interest rate, take some cash out of the equity in their home for a dream vacation. The credit card debt would be paid off once the loan cleared only to leave the customer with a new line of open credit. In many cases the customer’s wouldn’t change their behavior and start using their credit as they always did eventually putting themselves in debt again and be in the same place when they refinanced their homes. I find this situation to be very similar when overhauling the sub conscious mind. The old blueprint is knocking on the door wanting to get back in the house. It’s the compounding  effect and the progression of the MKMMA class that has made the changes necessary for me to live the world within. It works and it becomes effortless after committing to doing daily excercises throughout the day. It really works. Committing to quality reps in order for me to make the changes that are desired for my definite major purpose in life. I’m confident that I can be a self directed thinker and create the changes that are necessary to live a healthy, fearless and apeter-023bundant life.


Week 19- Another bye week

The bye week. When the cat’s away the mice will play. Super bowl week. This is a great opportunity to get ready to manifest my definite major purpose when the class commence’s. My goal is not to sit back while the proctor is not looking but to put the exercise to work even harder when were put back in the ocean so we can live in our respective habitats. What a great opportunity to get in the driver’s sit without the instructor sitting in the passenger seat. The lesson talks about fear. This is huge seeing there are probably one hundred forms of fear. Feeding off fear is terrible way to live and has crippled me many many times in my life.The lesson states that fear is a powerful form of thought and that it paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood. This, in turn, paralyzes the muscular system, so that fear affects the entire being, body, brain and nerve, physical, mental, and muscular. The law of substitution is huge to help conquer this demon.

Law of Substitution- We cannot think about 2 things at the same time. If a negative thought enters your mind. Try to think about God instead. If that is too big a reach at the time, use any fond memory or pleasant thought. Jesus, The Master Teach, said, “resist not evil” meaning turn from it and think about something else instead.

My old blueprint will allow me to marinate in misery and the person I don’t want to be rather than the person I intend to become. We’ve been advised that to eliminate fear, lack, or disease is to substitute it with courage, abundance, and health. It appears that this certainly the better option.img_0318

Week 18- Reading the Obituaries

img_0132A new exercise was posted this week to buy a newspaper daily and read an obituary. I thought this was morbid exercise seeing lots of people including me really don’t want to think about death out of fear. We were told not read one off the internet but to buy the newspaper daily. The exercise has been more than valuable. It sheds a lot of light on time and discovering that it’s my most valuable asset. Maybe I should stop taking it for granted and do it now. Were only here for but a moment. The time to manifest my dreams is now and to stop procrastinating. The I’ll do it tomorrow is old, stale and has made me the hamster on a wheel. This has not worked yet I tried it over and over again. The questions that we were directed to ask ourselves after reading the obituary made more than a lot of sense.

1-What would that person give to change places with me and just have one more day?

2- Who can I let know how grateful I am for their presence today?

3- How will I behave today to finish the masterpiece of my life elegantly?

This to me is pretty powerful stuff. I often take for granted the fact that I woke up breathing as I write this blog. Reading the obituary really puts things in perspective and makes this real and to live each day to the fullest and do the best I’m capable. I will say after I read this and ask myself the questions I turn to the funny pares of the newspaper.

Week 17- We are what we think!

We are what we think. I am what I thing. I am what I will to be. I heard this here and there for years but took it lightly. The I got it attitude. The I’m good attitude. The grandiose behavior attitude. I measured my success for a long time by how much money I made, how many games I won as an athlete, how many awards I got in sales or sports. I thought that if did all this that I would be happy and successful. Don’t get me wrong. There is a level of happiness and success. It’s like a drug. I need more once it wear’s off I need more to get me back to that emotional high. It’s worse than a marathon because the marathon ends after 26.2 miles. I was in a situation where it was never enough to keep feeding me. The goal line kept getting pushed back. This all started to change when I competed with my self. When this happened things started to change. This weeks lesson stated that the race has for money and this was a mere symbol of power. Fortunately the MKMMA class has enabled me to find the true source of power. I’m no longer interested in the shams and pretenses that I was a slave to my whole life. The thoughts that people would like me more if I made a lot of money and I was a great athlete rather that the thought of people liking me for who I am. The bifocals were certainly on backwards and it came down to acceptance. Once I started accepting what was in front of me things changed. I often got acceptance confused with approval. A good example is an actor. Actor’s get so engulfed with the portrayal of their character That they become another person that is entirely different from who they are when their not acting. All this ties into moving away from my old blueprint to the new blueprint and executing so I can manifest this and live a more happy and abundant life. This process release’s me from the bondage or being held hostage to the old blueprint. Desire is largely subconscious and conscious desire rarely realizes it’s objects. I fed off momentary enthusiasm over and over again. This is the definition of insanity. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. a good example is going to see motivational speaker’s or teacher’s. I’d go and get all stoked and two days later forget or bury the material. All this knowledge meant nothing unless I put it into action to enable me to manifest what I want for my life and find a definite major purpose and pursue my field of dreams.peter-374

Week 16 Kindness

It appears that every week validates more and more how the progression of the MKMMA is manifesting itself. Kindness is huge and can be easily overlooked. It’s a fine line of being a fearful victim or fearless victor. Fear can cripple me into becoming like a hamster on a wheel doing the same things over and over expecting different results. I’m told by the old timers that this is the definition of insanity. I tend to agree. It’s so for me easy to play the victim and sit on the pity pot and tell the world about poor old me. It’s a fine line between being selfish and selfless. This fine line is certainly a point to ponder. I’ve had my bifocals on backwards all along. It’s a fine line between lacking consideration for others and being concerned with my own personal profit or pleasure than being concerned with the needs and wishes of others. It comes down to whether I want to be a slave to good or bad habits. I grew up where others took score on what they did for others. I grew up with people that expected something back at some point. I don’t think there was done intentionally. It often blows my mind when people keep a wedding list and the gifts that were given by the guests and then using this as measuring stick when it was the people on this lists turn to receive a so called gift in the future. I guess if you gave me $25 five years ago when it was my turn I could refer to the list and figure out what I should give you back. It was a way to level the playing field. That’s just the way it was. Take the quantum leap years later when my wife and I were talking about what gift we should give someone. My response was we should give them approximately $50 because that’s what they gave us five years ago. My wife Bonnie wasn’t happy to hear that said I give from what’s in my heart. Bang! That was an eye opener and made a lot of sense. after all these years I  never really looked at it this way until that moment. It was done. Give from the heart made a lot of sense and had more meaning. So when I’m playing the role of the fearful victim one of the best ways to remove the fear and become the fearless victor is to be kind to MYSELF and to OTHERS. It can be a simple smile at another human being. When I practice this on a daily basis I have more serenity and peace of mind and it removes fear and gets me off the pity pot. Being kind to another human being and flying under the radar screen can be challenging because I certainly like recognition. It appears to me that there’s a place for recognition. Once again it’a fine line. The willingness and open mindedness has helped with the progression but has been challenging trying to not go back to my old blueprint. Just like removing the hitch in my baseball swing. It takes quality repetitions. At the end of the day it all boils down to the guy in the glass when I look in the mirror.

Week 15 Franklin Makeover

Week 15 was the start of the Franklin Makeover.We keep charging forward. The process has been nothing short of amazing. It feels like a makeover from the beginning. Thank God for the alliance are and masterminding. This is very helpful to keep the burning desire to forge forward and not drift back into the old blueprint. This stuff like anything has a short shelf life in our sub conscious minds and disappears without notice if not tended to. I have had bouts with drifting. The burning desire to keep an open mind and have the willingness to keep moving forward to manifest my new blueprint. The old blueprint is trying to knock on my door 24/7 but has a very little success. The biggest part for me has been to trust the process an the testimonials from previous classes that this works. Its already worked for me in 17 short weeks. Pretty amazing to such big changes in such a short period of time. It boils down to putting in the WORK to reap the rewards that are promised. It’s so easy to blow things off and make excuses for not doing the exercises that are necessary to move forward. It’s such a small price to pay for such a huge return on the investment in time to work on what most never do. The MIND. I’ve seen commercials on TV that say that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I’ve always overlooked it and never paid much attention this fact. We or I have been so programmed to make everything look perfect on the outside but never spent much time on the importance of my world within and exercise the mind. This is pretty powerful stuff. Not only have I noticed the change in such a short period of time but it’s been brought to my attention that there is something different about the way I’ve been acting or living since this class started. I had an employee that hadn’t worked for me in awhile. He started working for me the last couple of weeks. He looked at me yesterday and said that he see’s something different in me by the way I was reacting to situations on the job. The rubber certainly meets the pavement when I look at the guy in the glass but getting validation from someone else is a sobering feeling that the rewards and promises are being realized and this is only the tip of the iceberg!img_0318.Columbus Bluejackets locker room.


It seems a little more challenging when there’s a bye week. While the cats away the mice will play. It’s easy to work the old blueprint and live with the temptation of procrastinating and saying I’ll do it later. DO IT NOW! This comes in very handy. These exercises don’t require much effort on my behalf. It’s easy to let life itself get in the way of life itself. The I’m to busy because it’s the holidays excuse just doesn’t cut the mustard. It appears difficult sometimes to measure the results of the process at this point. I find taking the quantum leap backwards to September when we first started is a good way to measure the progress of whats been manifested thus far. It certainly feels a lot better to look at things from a more positive point of view rather than knit picking day and night. Being less judge mental and opinionated has been a breath of fresh air. It’s a lot less labor intensive to not add my two cents and be more of an observer. The MKMMA process has enabled me to be more loving and compassionate towards others each day. Having the willingness to live by the law of giving and receiving without expectation of reciprocity is a breath of fresh air.  It also feels pretty darn good. It was a very quiet and peaceful New Years Eve and day. My wife,my son Mark and I went out and had  brunch on New Years Day that was outstanding. Everything went great without a hitch. As each day passes I see more harmony each day in myself,others and the world. A little added value with the pic of a future Yankee. I have no idea who this little guy is. I was in Cleveland at a game when they played the Yankees. I turned around and the little guy was staring at me. I asked his mom if it was okay to take a pic she said it was cool. HARMONY AT IT’S BEST!peter-201